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The Sky Is Black,
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About Our Prints
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Print Series Options


Vue Privée offers limited edition prints in three distinct series: l'explorateur, l'aventurier, and l'empereur. Each of our exclusive series offers the collector a unique selling point. At Vue Privée, high quality limited editions are available for all types of collectors and buyers. Our prints are produced using archival practices, no matter the series, type or price.


Series Sizes (cm) Editions Mounting Price
l'explorateur 35.5 x 28 500 passe-partout on
archival board
(40 x 50cm)
Starting at $80
l'aventurier 40 x 60 100 N/A Starting at $150
  60 x 90 100 N/A Starting at $400
l'empereur varied below 25 N/A Starting at $2,000


* All listed sizes are the maximum size for each series option. Depending on the image proportions specific to each artist, these sizes will vary. See artwork details for exact measurements.


l'explorateur offers artworks under S$100. This series is ideal for first time collectors just learning about art. Each print comes mounted on a pH neutral matte board with a front mounted "passe-partout" allowing the print to be framed without direct contact to the glass surface. This elegant and contemporary mounting approach gives the buyer a ready-to-exhibit artwork for display on shelves or to be placed into a standard frame for walls mounting.


l'aventurier offers artworks under S$500. This series is where discerning mid-level collectors can find a unique art purchase. The prints come unmounted, allowing the collector complete flexibility in mounting styles and display options. Like all limited editions available in Vue Privée, l'aventurier prints are produced on museum quality archival grade paper.


l'empereur offers artworks over S$2000. This series is the exclusive gallery edition for experienced art collectors. Artworks come in highly restricted edition numbers of less than 25. Prices are dependent on artist, size and edition of the work. All artworks are uniquely mounted as per artist's intent and available for delivery in Singapore.




Fair Market Pricing


With the help of artists who believe in our philosophy, we are able to offer museum quality prints at much lower prices. The artists we collaborate with have agreed to increase the edition size based on fair market pricing. The fair price concept takes in account the reputation of the artist, significance of the work, size, and number of prints in the edition to generate a marketable selling price for larger editions by that artist. These factors are analyzed to help determine the new prices without creating a negative impact to the artist's career.


Our series, l'explorateur and l'aventurier, use this system to realize prices for our limited editions that fall under $2,000. This pricing system is not new. Fair market pricing has been accepted within the fine art market and has been successfully used by established art galleries located in North America and Europe.



An artist typically sells their artworks at an edition size of 10. When working with Vue Privée the artist agrees to make a new print at an edition of 100. Using the fair pricing model the artist's usual market price (S$5,000 at a size of 90cm x 60cm) is divided by 10 to get the new VP price. The new edition becomes $500 for a print at the same size as the original. Note, if the new print is at a smaller or larger size, then the price reflects the changes.




Museum Quality Prints


Vue Privée goes to great lengths to produce prints that adhere to each artist's intent. All prints are museum quality, printed on acid and lignin free archival papers. Our giclée prints are printed using Epson K3 archival inks that last for up to 108 years dependent on display conditions. Each paper medium is selected based the artist and series, thus will vary. The paper medium is noted on all certificates of authenticity. If you are interested in finding out more about print mediums or archival terms, please refer to the Glossary of Art Terms.