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Vue Privée: One
by La Collection Vue Privée


Vue Privée: One is our first collector's box produced in conjunction with VP's exhibition "Technicolour Japan". This handcrafted wooden box is custom-made by a traditional Japanese craftsman, and is a highly valued item used in Japan. Available in a limited edition of only 50, Vue Privée: One contains a set of 10 limited edition prints depicting the daily life and traditions of geishas in the 19th century and is beautifully finished and wrapped in a custom furoshiki textile on the outside.

About the Artist

La Collection Vue Privée is a private collection of over 9,000 items including historic photographs, albums, cameras, and other photography related materials. The historic photographs contained within the collection date back to the birth of photograph in the 1830’s to the WW2 era. This collection, started by Olivier Henry in 2007, is actively becoming an archive of the photographic medium and an asset to the business and the general public. Items from the collection will periodically be on view at the Singapore gallery, and used as inspiration for limited edition prints and other merchandise developed in collaboration with Vue Privée represented artists.

Print Series


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Price  S$888.00


* All prints come with a minimum of 10mm border to allow
   for framing or mounting.

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