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Parlour Monster VII
by Mojoko


In this circus of peculiarities, Mojoko explores the boundaries of the beautiful and the grotesque. In his first solo show we discover the fine line between the grotesque, the strange and the fantastic. With priveleged access to the VP archives, he has unearthed some bizarre documents and photography and remixed them to become the basis for this show.

About the Artist

Born in Iran, having grown up in Hong Kong and now based in Singapore, Steve Lawler is the man behind Mojoko. Mojoko was founded in 2005 as a reaction to overuse of the computer. With a background in Graphic Design from Brighton University and a 2-year scholarship at Fabrica in the new media department working on Colors Magazine, Steve was hijacked by Diesel to be part of their in-house creative team in Molvena, Northern Italy working exclusively for Diesel and its sub-Brands. From there he sought further adventure by moving to Asia to take on a more commercial role, creating websites and campaigns for many global brands under the roof of OgilvyOne Singapore. Afterwards, he took to consulting for all sorts of projects as a creative thinker, art director and designer.

Currently a creative consultant for Kult, an unconventional boutique agency in Singapore, he is involved in both commercial and experimental projects. When he’s not guest-designing magazines, conducting art workshops or silk screening, he spends his time going around and picking up obscure pieces of paper from the ground. “One man’s junk is another man’s painting”.


Print Series

  •  28 x 37.5 cm, edition limited to 500
    giclée print on matte archival paper
  • l'aventurier
  •  40 x 60 cm, edition limited to 100
    giclée print on matte archival paper


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Price  S$80.00


* All prints come with a minimum of 10mm border to allow
   for framing or mounting.

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