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The Eclipse
by ClogTwo


When the wise speaks, wisdom listens. As a young generation who are unprepared for the future, we must always be open-minded and heed our elder’s advice and wise experience. For their words are the golden tickets to a brighter future. Understand their mistakes, for only fools repeat it again. Inspired by the motion picture, Apocalypto, directed by Mel Gibson, the artworks will reflect the younger generation respecting their elderly and how precious they are in our lives before they are gone forever. A touch deeper than usual, deep into the human heart, of how we feel connected to our own flesh and blood. Even though, the rational of the story is based on an ancient plot, it can still be adapted in a modern context.

About the Artist

Also known as Eman Reharno, founded in 2004 on a chemically sprayed wall along a dark canal, he is generally known as graffiti artist. ClogTwo's works emerge from questioning social behaviour and the mysteries of religious beliefs. Many artists favor to question themselves if their styles are well defined or recognized, but to him, such definition doesn't exist, as style cannot be made, it is simply yourself. ClogTwo has collaborated with a number of institutions and museums such as National arts Council, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore National Museum, Adidas, and etc.


Print Series

  •  70 x 100cm, edition limited to 1
    Mixed media on archival watercolor paper


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Price  S$1,300.00


* All prints come with a minimum of 10mm border to allow
   for framing or mounting.

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