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Prescribed Area
by KA'a


This 400 x 200 cm mural piece was created in Melbourne Australia as part of the renowned annual street art festival ‘Sweet streets’. The paining combines free hand aerosol paint techniques, with a focus on texture and colour, with detailed stencil work. KA’a see photography as the perfect means of capturing such temporary or ephemeral paintings; and limited edition art prints as the means of providing the public with affordable quality artworks. In this piece KA’a delve into the beauty and spirit of nature as well as the connection and significance it holds for its inhabitants. More over the work and its title are reflective and provide a subtle but strong social commentary.

About the Artist

KA'a is the collaboration of Kirsty Furniss and Mathieu Augereau international contemporary street artists. Their artwork exists at the frontiers between painting and graffiti, abstract and figurative, aesthetic and social commentary.

Overall KA’a’s motivation is to create works that are contrasting and engaging, that blend nature with chaotic city life, while focusing on the under-represented. Works depict life on the streets and discuss different social and environmental themes. Inspiration for the settings and characters are drawn from S.E. Asia to Australia.

Paintings are characterized by detailed stencils of people and scenes that are part of a dynamic composition. Focus is placed on a mix of free hand aerosol colour and texture work in combination with additional mediums and layered stencils. The result is a fresh and distinguishing style.

Mathieu Augereau received his Bachelor of Applied Arts and subsequently superior Arts degree in 2001 from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux- Arts de Lyon. Kirsty Furniss completed her Bachelor of Arts from Melbourne University in 2005. They have developed their stencil and aerosol style by working both outdoors and indoors individually, as a pair & within arts collectives.

The duo's exhibit paintings and create street art internationally most recently in Europe, Australia & South East Asia. Recent exhibitions and art event participation includes Art Expo Malaysia, The Affordable Art Fair (Singapore), Melbourne International Sweet Street Art Festival (Australia), Irene underground arts Festival (Melbourne, Australia) & Artistes a Suivre in South France.

KA'a have taken arts residencies in France, Australia and South East Asia. They are the co-founders of an international cross- disciplinary art residence in the French pyrenees, Aude.

Print Series

  •  35 x 30cm, edition limited to 100
    giclée print on semi-matte archival paper


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Price  S$150.00


* All prints come with a minimum of 10mm border to allow
   for framing or mounting.

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