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Please, Help Me
by Nadège David


About the Artist

Self-educated Vietnam-based French artist, Nadège David, studied philosophy and sociology in Paris. Nadège's artistic calling came to her during the writing of her thesis in Political Philosophy where the words faded as her unpredictable strength of revelation of her black ink drawings came to life.

Nadège has been exhibiting since 2007, where her works have been featured in various solo and group exhibitions across Vietnam. One of her drawings has been placed in a permanent collection in the Post Vidai collection and she regularly collaborates with Vietnam's leading contemporary art gallery, Galerie Quynh. For each drawing, French artist Nadège's inspiration arises from the unpredictability of ink, the precision of biological drawing and the aesthetic potency of Asian expression. This self-taught artist has always been fascinated by the meticulous accuracy of scientific and anatomical drawing, magnifying a nature rich in detail; an aesthetic of complexity. During her stay in Beijing, the rice paper stood out as an important medium of painting her experiences. She is seduced by the transparency and fragility of the paper that blends perfectly with the strength of black ink.

In Nadège's drawings, the rigor of detail, this complex machinery, is always faced with the unpredictable, the accident. Her twisted webs of black lines create lines that are occasionally interrupted by blotches of ink, the will of the paper, the demand of the nascent form. The use of Chinese ink or watercolor has its origin in an Asian pictorial tradition where the bottom line is seized by ink strokes of a fuzzy precision; which David very much admires in the works of one of her aspiring artists, Qi Baishi. Brought up with these influences, Nadège tells the story of characters in movement, precipitated in the world where their biological body runs up against the unpredictable encounters of “The Other”.

In this edition of four drawings, the characters wear costumes, to dress up as another. However, this game is not insignificant. The fact to be stuck on someone, to hide oneself behind a mask is not without consequence. The body, the thoughts, the behaviors, the environment will enter into a new dialogue. These drawings offer a look at the spectacle of this game and its effects. Here, this dissolution will be played on the territory of the dragon, fox, organ and mineral.

Print Series

  •  40 x 60 cm, edition limited to 50
    Giclée print on archival paper
  •  60 x 90 cm, edition limited to 50
    Giclée print on archival paper


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Price  S$250.00


* All prints come with a minimum of 10mm border to allow
   for framing or mounting.

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